About us

ESN CPH is the official local Copenhagen section of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), the biggest student non-profit organisation, working for internationalisation of education, multicultural understanding and promoting student mobility.

We organise cultural events, social meetups, trips, parties and much more. All for you to integrate, know little bit about Denmark and simply have fun.

What is the Erasmus Student Network?

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the biggest student association in Europe. It was founded on the 16th October 1989 and legally registered in 1990 for supporting and developing student exchange.

ESN is present in more than 1,000 Higher Education Institutions from 42 countries. The network is constantly developing and expanding. There are around 13,000 active members – maybe you are a part of this vibrating community.

In total, ESN has reached more than 500 sections in 42 countries! Each ESN section focuses on integrating international students in the local community as well as on encouraging local students to go abroad.

ESN Values

  • Unity in diversity
  • Diversity in the unity
  • Students helping students
  • Fun in friendship and respect
  • International dimension of life
  • Love for Europe as an area of peace and cultural exchange
  • Openness with tolerance
  • Cooperation in the integration

About ESN Copenhagen

ESN Copenhagen is run by 100% volunteering members. We are students in Bachelor, Master, and PhD, ex-students and much more!

Usually twice a year we have an open call for new volunteers to apply as Active Members. The Local Board will review all applications.

Within our section we have a great diversity of cultures and nationalities. ESN Copenhagen is a unique organisation, where you can help fellow students, make an impact, develop yourself, all while having a great dose of fun.

How to apply? Simple, just fill the following form! https://forms.gle/UPMNy2Dd3i1ak4mr


Email: info@esn-cph.dk