What is the ESNcard?

The ESNcard is a one-year membership that allows international students to benefit from local, national and international discounts. More details about discounts and conditions at

How to get and activate an ESNcard?

  • Purchase the ESNcard on NemTilmeld
  • Pick up the ESNcard at Emmylou Café (Krystalgade 4; opening hours = 10.00-17.00, closed on Wednesdays).
  • - Your student ID (or other document stating you are an exchange student or eligible to purchase an ESNcard)
  • - The registration confirmation/invoice sent to your email confirming that you have bought the card.
  • Fill out all the information on the card and as a picture on the card (otherwise it will not be considered valid)
  • Register the card at and you are good to go :)

For any questions, please write or

My university/city has a local ESN section. Can I purchase a card there and bring it to Copenhagen?

You need to buy an ESNcard here in Denmark. It's unfortunately not allowed to bring an ESNcard from your home country as we are obliged to report it.

It's not something we do, but you will be refused from our events. We aim to make most of our events free or significantly cheaper for ESNcard holders, but due to funding/insurance reasons, you need to buy a card from the section.

There are exemptions like Erasmus Mundus students and active ESN volunteers. If you are an ESNer, we would definitely like to recruit you at ESN CPH 😇